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Using Dygraphs to load down-sampled data while zooming - Example 4

Same underlying javascript and setup as example 3, but with multiple graphs on the page. This is primarily a test as there were originally some issues with multiple graphs when panning because the endPan handling is global to all DyGraphs instances. See code comments in _setupPanInteractionHandling method.

Graph 1

Graph 2


This page. Contains the graph containers' HTML, range selector buttons, and this documentation. No javascript except to init the two graph's object instances.
This is the most relevant file. Contains all of the Dygraphs specific handling. 95% is the same as example 1 & 2.
Responsible for getting range and detail data from the server/simulator and then aggregating,splicing, and converting it for dygraphs. This file is shared with example 1 & 2.
Simulates a remote time series data service. Includes simulated delays. This file is shared with example 1 & 2.